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Fuse systems Varius news

varius.png Totally innovated design of fuse switch-disconnectors of vertical design. Beauty lies in simplicity.


OEZ at the EPLAN Data Portal

oez.png Now you can find assorment of company OEZ at the EPLAN Data Portal. The OEZ database for EPLAN includes an assortment of protective devices of low voltage and switchboard cabinets especially for designers and manufacturers of cabinets. There are complex data inclusive of dimensional drawings and product descriptions translated into various languages.


New generation of steel-plastic enclosures RZA

Nové rozvodnice Distri - RZA For tens of years OEZ is a reliable choice in selection of Minia modular devices, i.e. protective and control devices for building, residential or similar installations. The DistriTon enclosures provide a suitable base for the production of distribution boards.


New Building of the OEZ Testing Laboratory

oez.png OEZ has always been a progressive firm, which is confirmed by its sixty-year-long tradition of research and development. Dozens of development experts, designers and testing engineers are currently members of international development teams of the Siemens group, in which Letohrad-based OEZ has been active since 2007.


Arion air circuit breakers – custom-made devices

arion.png The Arion air circuit breakers have been in the OEZ‘s product portfolio since 2000. They are the successors of the AR and ARV air circuit breakers, which had been produced by our company for more than 30 years. Since 2010 the Arion circuit breakers are manufactured in the plant in Letohrad.


Catalogues: Fuse systems Varius 2013

varius.png Since the second half of February 2013 you can see the new catalogue of Varius fuse systems 2013 on our website.


Support for Modeion moulded case circuit breakers

modeion.png Early in the summer 2012 we significantly extended our support for Modeion moulded case circuit breakers 12 to 1600 A. This product line belongs to the core products manufactured by OEZ.


The jubilee 100,000th air circuit breaker has left OEZ

oez.png In the first half of October 2012, the 100,000th air circuit breaker has left OEZ. These devices are under the "Sentron" and "Arion" brands for distribution to networks all around the world. This jubilee device is for a Siemens client in Santiago, Chile.


Modernization in the Varius fuse program

varius.png In the previous issues of the OEZ News you may have taken a note that we are optimizing the product portfolio of the Varius fuse systems. Now the changes concern the cylindrical fuse-links as well as their switch-disconnectors and disconnectors.


Development of business and marketing activities

oez.png Current events at OEZ are described in a short interview by Mr. Radim Adamec, Commercial Director of the Company.