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Automatic standby units - Modi

modeion.png OEZ belongs to leading suppliers of protection devices for low-voltage power supplies NN – so called power centres. Some pieces of the supplied equipment require owing to their importance continuous supply of electrical energy, or feeding from several power supplies. This concerns for instance power equipment, industrial buildings with continuous operation, or important infrastructure buildings.


News in overvoltage protection

minia.png Following our tradition, this year the product range of OEZ overvoltage protection devices has also been extended with another, technically more advanced design. We will try to make you familiar with this solution in the following text.


Selection and setting of overcurrent releases of Modeion circuit breakers

modeion.png Selection and specification of the setting of overcurrent releases is a frequent task especially for designers. Therefore, we have decided to deal with this topic after several years again.


Optimization of the fuse program

varius.png Within the optimization of the product portfolio of the OEZ fuse-links it was decided to discontinue the production of certain marginal types of the fuses for semiconductor protection.


Data communication and measuring function of the ARION WL circuit breakers

arion.png Electrical energy saving is no exception in today’s world of saving everywhere we look. Everybody tries to save electrical energy due to the continual rise of its price. To be able to save electrical energy or use it efficiently, we must know what is energy consumption of our applications in course of a given period of time. On the basis of this information you can control other processes and adapt them to the current situation.


Minia modular devices

minia.png The basis of any switchboard is modular devices - circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, increasingly used overvoltage protection devices, contactors, and the other selected devices of the Minia range.


Computational program Sichr

Computational program Sichr that makes the work of electrical designers and revision technicians easier is now available also in Bulgarian. Other language versions available are English, German, Russian, Polish, Slovak and Czech.


OEZ - Your partner for the future

OEZ_Adamec_Radim.jpg I am glad to have the opportunity to address you on OEZ web sites and provide you with a few information of our company.... says Radim Adamec, sales director of OEZ s.r.o.


Specifics of photovoltaic sources

Photovoltaics is a top theme these days and the fastest growing energy technology in the world. OEZ has enlarged its offer by special devices for protection and switching of Photovoltaic systems .


Another OEZ success in the Czech Quality Program

November has been perceived the Month of Quality in the Czech Republic since 2002. On November 4, 2009 the results of the Czech Quality Program were announced in the National House at Prague – Vinohrady. OEZ belongs to 18 winners of the competition. The „Czech Quality“ mark was granted to the series of modular devices Minia, which were launched by OEZ in 2008. Jan Krejčí, the head of the engineering office, took over the award on behalf of OEZ.