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Modeion „compact kit“ - speeds up switchboard production

Modeion_article.jpg Do you solve project changes? Will you increase the transformer‘s power output? Are you changing the tripping characteristic? Are you interested in easy connection of Al cables? Do you solve remote control of the circuit breaker additionally? Do you want to lower the stock? ... We do have answer to your questions: „ Modeion ”


Extension and innovation of the range of products is a continuous process

OEZ_Adamec_Radim.jpg Extension of the choice of modular devices, innovations or life under the wing of Siemens - these are some of the topics of interview with Radim Adamec, sales director of OEZ s.r.o.



New fuse switch devices of size 00 have been on sale since mid-2008. Fuse-links with blade contacts up to 160 A, size 00 and 000, can be used in these devices.


Fuse-links PF10 for semiconductor protection for 900 V d.c. and protection of photovoltaic systems

OEZ_Jisteni_fotovoltaickych_systemu.jpg In recent years customers have more and more demanded protective devices in the range of voltage up to 1000 V d.c., in particular for protection of semiconductor systems, and, which is a new trend, for protection of photovoltaic panels.


MINIA hall will be the biggest in OEZ

OEZ_Nova_hala_MINIA.jpg The development of OEZ has brought with it the expansion of production capacities. In June, the construction of the new MINIA production hall, which will be the biggest hall in OEZ, was launched in the area of the former warehousing. In total, we will acquire another 1,400 m2 of production space for the production programme.


Change in marking of fuse switch-disconnectors OPV

In course of the 1st quarter 2009, the type designation of product codes is changed for the fuse switch-disconnectors OPV for cylindrical fuse-links. The change consists in addition of letter S at most items and replacement of slashes by dashes.


MINIA - The best choice

Lipensky_Jiri.jpg OEZ is just now launching its new Minia series of modular devices that carry on from the preceding group of devices for building installations. Ing. Jiří Lipenský , manager for product management, research and development at OEZ s.r.o., talks about the overall project.


Changing of generations, MINIA is coming

MINIA_plakat.jpg Nothing in this world lasts forever. As in a person’s life, everything has its beginning, followed by a more or less successful existence, and then the end inevitably comes. Subconsciously, and as it concerns each of us, we either do not recognise this inevitability or we endeavour not to recognise it, because it is linked to the end of life. The end of one thing, of one phase, however, does not mean the end of everything. Something new always follows, after all, and what is new brings new quality.


Vertical fuse switch disconnectors Varius up to 160 A

Letak_FD_FR.jpg In the first half of 2008 OEZ will start the sale of new types of the FD00 type vertical fuse switch disconnectors of the 00 size. Fuse-links with blade contacts up to 160 A of size 00 as well as 000 can be used in these devices. The new devices design is unified with the designs of the OEZ vertical fuse switch disconnectors in bigger sizes which leads to improved design of switchboard when they are mounted in one switchboard in combination.  


Change of parameters of the motor drives MP-BL-X230 and MP-BL-X110

MP_BL_X230_MP_BL_X110_.jpg For motor drives MP-BL-X230 and MP-BL-X110 intended for circuit breakers BL1000S , BL1600S the driving unit design has been changed. In consequence of this innovation the time of circuit breaker switching off by the motor drive from the position "l" (ON) to position "0" (OFF) has been changed.