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4-pole circuit breakers Modeion

Jistice_Modeion_4_poly.jpg The 4-pole series is intended for protection function in TN-C-S and TN-S networks with rated current 12 to 630 A. For higher rated currents, 4-pole circuit breakers ARION WL can be used up to 6300. The 4-pole circuit breakers Modeion have common accessories with the 3-pole series. Switching unit of the 4-pole device is manufactured in the versions with unprotected 4th pole (3P+N) and with protected 4th pole (4P). Circuit breakers BC160 have a fixed thermomagnetic overcurrent release. Consequently, in selecting a circuit breaker, it is necessary to select the proper version - with unprotected or protected 4th pole. In case of unprotected fourth pole of BD250 or BH630 , it is sufficient to add commonly used overcurrent releases for 3-pole circuit breakers in the switching unit. If the fourth pole is to be protected, the switching unit must be completed by a 4-pole release. The 4-pole version of the series has the same parameters, which are important for the rating of a protected circuit, as the 3-pole version.


Motor drive of the circuit breaker BC160

motorovy_pohon_BC160.jpg Motor drive of the circuit breaker BC160 is, like the other circuit breaker accessories, a modular device, so that it can also be simply mounted on the circuit breaker additionally. It can be used for both 3-pole and 4-pole circuit breakers. It is manufactured in the version for side installation next to the circuit breaker on the switchboard panel or on the DIN rail. The motor drive is fastened to the circuit breaker by means of a bayonet mechanism on the side of the circuit breaker. The fastened drive can be sealed by means of the seal of the circuit breaker terminal cover.


Delay unit BZ-BX-X230

BZ_BX_X230.jpg After the start of the sale of the circuit breaker BC160 , the original delay unit was redesigned. The new design can be used for the whole range of circuit breakers with undervoltage releases for the voltage of 230 V a.c. /220 V d.c. Depending on connection, it enables delayed switching off at three time levels.


New set of prismatic terminals for fuse switch-disconnectors Varius FH2

Sada prizmatických svorek Prismatic terminals are designed for the use of connecting sections of a wide range. They enable the connection of cross sections 16 – 240 mm2 of both Al and Cu conductors. The terminals have an upper plate which can be turned depending on the connecting cable cross section. In one position of the upper plate it is possible to connect a cable of cross section 16 – 95 mm2, and after turning the plate it is possible to connect a cable of cross 95 – 240 mm2. The variable prismatic terminals are marked CS-FH2-1P1 and CS-FH2-3P1 for one-pole and three-pole fuse switch-disconnector respectively.


New V-clamp „5845“

Nový V-třmen „5845“ The clamp is intended for the use of connecting cross sections of a wide range. It enables the connection of cross sections 16 – 240 mm2 of both Al and Cu conductors, thanks to turning the plate depending on the connecting cross section. The clamp can be used for all devices provided with the V-clamp (fuse bases SPB, SPF, fuse rails FR and fuse switch-disconnectors of vertical design FD).


Modeion BC160 – The newest family member completes the series

Modeion_Cvaknul_by_si_Maxwell.jpg The best arrives last. This popular saying certainly applies to the development of our BC160 circuit breakers, which represent the crowning achievement in the genesis of Modeion moulded case circuit breakers. In the beginning, it was our idea to create a product series that would continue the manufacturing tradition of the former Czechoslovakia associated with the J2UX circuit breakers, which were probably the most widespread circuit breakers in their day, and to replace the already outdated series of AR air circuit breakers. Not only would this require technical innovations, but it also would represent a generational leap that would put a new face on a firm whose tradition of producing electrical devices extends back to the first half of the last century.



At the beginning of April, we began to offer you a wholly new product group of distribution cabinets – the DISTRIbox line. These are designed both for common installations and for places demanding boxes with high strength – as in applications with high current load and requiring high short-circuit resistance. There is also a special series of boxes with high seismic resistance that can be used in nuclear power plants and in seismically active regions.


Filling out the line of VARIUS switch-disconnectors with size FH00 and additional options for VARIUS fuse switch-disconnectors

We are now introducing a complete line of fuse switch-disconnectors of sizes FH000, FH00, FH1, FH2 and FH3 for rated currents of 160, 250, 400 and 630 Amps. The VARIUS line of fuse switch-disconnectors replaces the earlier line of LTL00, 1, 2 and 3 switch-disconnectors.


New ARION WL line of circuit breakers, up to 6300A

Allow us to introduce to you the new ARION WL air circuit breakers, from 630A to 6300A, which replace the ARION circuit breakers.


VARIUS fuse switch-disconnectors

We are introducing three additional sizes – FH1, FH2 and FH3 – for rated currents of 250A, 400A and 630A. VARIUS fuse switch-disconnectors replace the previously supplied LTL1, 2 and 3 switch-disconnectors. The first member in this series, the FH000 switch-disconnector, was introduced at the end of 2000.