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4-pole circuit breakers Modeion

Jistice_Modeion_4_poly.jpg The 4-pole series is intended for protection function in TN-C-S and TN-S networks with rated current 12 to 630 A. For higher rated currents, 4-pole circuit breakers ARION WL can be used up to 6300. The 4-pole circuit breakers Modeion have common accessories with the 3-pole series. Switching unit of the 4-pole device is manufactured in the versions with unprotected 4th pole (3P+N) and with protected 4th pole (4P). Circuit breakers BC160 have a fixed thermomagnetic overcurrent release. Consequently, in selecting a circuit breaker, it is necessary to select the proper version - with unprotected or protected 4th pole. In case of unprotected fourth pole of BD250 or BH630 , it is sufficient to add commonly used overcurrent releases for 3-pole circuit breakers in the switching unit. If the fourth pole is to be protected, the switching unit must be completed by a 4-pole release. The 4-pole version of the series has the same parameters, which are important for the rating of a protected circuit, as the 3-pole version.