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Arion air circuit breakers – custom-made devices

arion.png The Arion air circuit breakers have been in the OEZ‘s product portfolio since 2000. They are the successors of the AR and ARV air circuit breakers, which had been produced by our company for more than 30 years. Since 2010 the Arion circuit breakers are manufactured in the plant in Letohrad.


They are delivered in 3 or 4-pole version, with current range up to 6 300 A. Based on the current range, they are divided into three sizes: the smallest size I has current range up to 2 000 A, the medium size II up to 4 000 A, and the biggest size III up to 6 300 A. All sizes can be in fixed or withdrawable design. The circuit breakers can be used in the circuits with short-circuit currents up to 150 kA, and under certain conditions they can be operated up to 1 150 V AC.

Characteristics of overcurrent releases are intended for a number of applications. You can select from 5 types of overcurrent releases, which differ by their use – from simplest applications (e.g. protection of lines or motors) to very complex applications with selective protection. The highest overcurrent release has an integrated display to show the circuit breaker setting and the condition of the circuit. All overcurrent releases have a possibility of regulation of rated current from 0 to 60 %.

Long life of the Arion circuit breaker is its advantage. The circuit breakers are designed to withstand, depending on their version, up to 22 000 cycles with maximum load.

A wide assortment of accessories is another of their advantages. It is possible to use auxiliary releases for separate switching off, closing release for remote switching on, motor drive for automatic loading, mechanical blocking of up to three circuit breakers, control by means of data communication, and others.

Arion circuit breakers record various quantities such as current, voltage, power, energy, power factor, frequency, or harmonic analysis. These quantities are displayed directly on the display of the overcurrent release or are transferred to the control system by means of data communication.

Arion circuit breakers are only custom-made. Nevertheless, thanks to flexible production in the Letohrad plant we are able to deliver them to the customer in a very short time. Quality, price and speed are the basic attributes, which the customer appreciates when placing an order. The goal is that at the customer, the products perform the functions they were custom-made for, in a fast and error-free manner.

The Letohrad‘s products perform their protective function in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Oman, United Arab Emirates, South African Republic, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, United States, Russia and other tens of countries of the world including the entire Europe.

Well-arranged catalogue, detail instructions for use and the configurator, which will help in confi guring and pricing a circuit breaker, is a matter of fact.

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