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Changing of generations, MINIA is coming

MINIA_plakat.jpg Nothing in this world lasts forever. As in a person’s life, everything has its beginning, followed by a more or less successful existence, and then the end inevitably comes. Subconsciously, and as it concerns each of us, we either do not recognise this inevitability or we endeavour not to recognise it, because it is linked to the end of life. The end of one thing, of one phase, however, does not mean the end of everything. Something new always follows, after all, and what is new brings new quality.

For many of us, however, new does not always mean better. We do not like to part with old things, because we have become accustomed to them, perhaps we even have established a personal relationship with them. New means that we must learn again, adapt to something again.

     The designers and others involved were aware of all this when preparing the objectives for the new MINIA series of modular devices. They aimed to keep whatever had proven itself and that to which our customers had become accustomed while still bringing new ideas and solutions.

     The result was a series of Modular, technically Innovative devices that bring Noticeably above-standard user features capable to Inspire planners and switchboards designers And allowing everyone who uses OEZ’s devices to work conveniently and without hassles.

     The name MINIA is feminine in form. Perhaps this is refl ected also in the new design, which unifi es all the devices of the series and imparts to them a very fine, almost delicate look. For example, we managed to fi nd a way to indicate diff erent rated currents for the MINIA circuit breakers with unique colour codes and, at the same time, not to disrupt the compact appearance with coloured levers. Moreover, laser-printed labelling ensures the current ratings cannot be mistaken. Thus, these circuit breakers are destined to be used as main circuit breakers in electricity meter switchboards.

     The way of signalling by control lever that the circuit breakers and residual current circuit breakers are on or off is in accordance with the established norm, yet it is easier to read, increases safety, and, at the same time, underscores and unifi es the appearance of the MINIA series.

     Installation and connection are two parameters that especially determine how satisfi ed will be those professionals installing the devices, constructing switchboards, and performing maintenance. The MINIA series devices can be easily installed on a DIN rail. Circuit breakers that are expected to be replaced more frequently are even equipped with two special catches that allow uninstalling the circuit breaker by sliding it up or down as needed. Also important is interconnecting. The arrangement used in practice when one residual current device protects a group of several circuits secured by circuit breakers against the risk of their coming into contact with one another can be achieved by their interconnecting using a strip to the lower terminals of the set. The circuit breakers themselves can also be interconnected using a strip placed on the upper terminals. As a result of that, it is of course possible to connect the input of the voltage supply to the upper or lower terminals without limiting the disconnecting capability.

     Speaking of installation, we should mention the option of replacing OEZ’s older modular devices. In that all MINIA devices have the same size or are even smaller and the method of interconnecting remains the same or is even improved, the answer is clear.

     And how to choose? First of all, we must emphasise that the type designation is very similar. For example, the old device is designated LSN and the new device LPN. Nevertheless, for the sake of easy and trouble-free orientation, our technicians have prepared several conversion tables in both printed and electronic versions. These are necessary because the MINIA modular device series is more extensive and diverse. It was extended with many new items, such as AC type circuit breakers, new installation contactors, and the economical LPE series that includes current ranges that heretofore had not been provided.

     Although the changes are extensive, they are wholly positive for the customers and users. For those who wish to learn more, the new documentation (catalogue, product brochure, and product line overview) are available. If you would like to examine the new MINIA series up close and in detail, we invite you to attend one of the numerous trade fairs where OEZ presents its product lines. An overview of fairs and all documentation can be downloaded from