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Data communication and measuring function of the ARION WL circuit breakers

arion.png Electrical energy saving is no exception in today’s world of saving everywhere we look. Everybody tries to save electrical energy due to the continual rise of its price. To be able to save electrical energy or use it efficiently, we must know what is energy consumption of our applications in course of a given period of time. On the basis of this information you can control other processes and adapt them to the current situation.

For measurement of consumption of electrical energy, but also for a lot of other things it is possible to use the so-called Measuring function of the Arion WL circuit breakers. This function makes it possible to get a complete overview of what happens in our electric network. You can measure current, voltage, power, distortion by higher harmonics, power factor or similar. Not only you will know current state of your network, but you can use these data also for the above mentioned optimization. The above mentioned quantities can be measured in each pole of the circuit breaker. Beside measurement of these quantities, the Measuring function Plus can record minimum and maximum measured values. The courses of the quantities (curves) can also be saved in memory. These values can be simply displayed/ read on the display on the overcurrent release, or transferred by several methods by means of data communication. The transmission methods are graphically illustrated in the figure.

Data communication and measuring function of the ARION WL circuit breakers

Let us start with the CubicleBUS system. This communication system is designed only for the Arion WL elements, or for the circuit breaker and so-called CubicleBUS modules.

The first module

The first module can signal various states of the circuit breaker by means of a relay. You can signal remotely, whether the circuit breaker was actuated, e.g. by overload or short circuit. The states to be signalled are selected by means of a rotary switch directly on the CubicleBUS module.

The second module

The second module signals the states of the circuit breaker or the reach of certain values of the measured quantities. For example, using the relay contact, you can connect or disconnect a load by increasing or decreasing the current in the circuit. Naturally, you can set a limit value as necessary. The setting of this module and possibly limit values is carried out via BDA adapter or ProfiBUS.

The third module

The third module converts selected quantity (e.g. current) into an analog signal 0 – 10 V or 4 – 20 mA. It is possible to select the measured quantity and the method of analog transmission.

The fourth module

The fourth module is a module with digital inputs. You can connect another device such as switchboard door status sensor to this module. This signal is then transferred via data communication to PC or PLC.

Data communication and measuring function of the ARION WL circuit breakers

The fifth module

The last, fifth module is the ZSS module for the so-called zone selectivity. This module makes it possible to solve full selectivity in case of short circuit between the Arion WL circuit breakers, which are arranged in several levels one after another. Simply speaking, the circuit breakers transmit information between each other, whether short-circuit current is fl owing through them, and only the circuit breaker which is nearest to the short circuit trips. In case that this circuit breaker does not trip, e.g. due to wrong setting of the value of a short-circuit release, another circuit breaker nearest to the short circuit will trip irrespective of the set time selectivity between the circuit breakers. This ensures selectivity (the circuit breakers must be set correctly) and at the same time immediate disconnection of the short circuit in case of failure.

The CubicleBUS modules serve above all for simple transfer of selected information from the circuit breaker and for its basic control wherever no data network is available.

Data communication and measuring function of the ARION WL circuit breakers

Another communication method is via the BDA adapter. By means of this adapter, the Arion WL circuit breaker can be connected to Ethernet as well as to PC either directly or via the serial port RS232. If you use the connection to Ethernet, the Arion WL circuit breaker will then behave like any other network device, which has its IP address. The BDA adapter contains the so-called web server, and thus you do not need any software for your PC. You can simply write corresponding numerical IP address in the internet browser to get access to information about the circuit breaker, and control (switch on and off) the circuit breaker. To be able to control the circuit breaker, you must be also equipped with ProfiBUS or ModBUS data communication. Using the BDA adapter, you can set the overcurrent release (ETU76B), and to change for instance the value of an dependent release via Internet. You can watch the measured quantities on-line, if the circuit breaker is equipped with the measuring function. Or you can display the circuit breaker status in PC to get complete information whether the circuit breaker is on/off, whether it is charged or ready to close.

The connection of the circuit breaker via the BDA adapter is suitable for service cases or where full and remote control is required over a protection element without relation to other industrial equipment.

Data communication and measuring function of the ARION WL circuit breakers

Another method of data communication you can use to get information about the circuit breaker, or to set and control it is ProfiBUS. The circuit breaker equipped with the ProfiBUS communication can be connected to the ProfiBUS network or to a personal computer. In case of connection to the network, the circuit breaker communicates as a rule with an industrial computer such as SIMATIC. If you want to connect such circuit breaker to PC, the PC must be equipped with a special ProfiBUS card and Switch ES Power software. If the circuit breaker is connected via ProfiBUS, you will have absolutely all functions of data communication available. Again, you can switch the circuit breaker on and off, or reset it after switching off by the overcurrent release. You can display and further process all circuit breaker status signals (ON/ OFF, ready-to-close, charged, switched off by auxiliary release, et seq.). You can fully set the overcurrent release (ETU76B), limit values of the Measuring function, or similar. You can process and save the values of all measured quantities by means of SIMATIC or PC.

The circuit breaker equipped with the ProfiBUS data communication can be used in fully automated industrial plants where stress is put on integrity of individual devices, coherent and complete control. Similarly, the circuit breaker can also be connected to the ModBUS network.


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