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Development of business and marketing activities

oez.png Current events at OEZ are described in a short interview by Mr. Radim Adamec, Commercial Director of the Company.

Mr. Adamec RadimOEZ has been continually expanding in recent years, which can be seen not just in terms of the number of employees. What is the future of the company from this point of view?

We have already finished a five-year period from the beginning of integration into the Siemens structures. During this period our companies have gotten to know each other, and our competence has been verified and confirmed. The full harmonisation of the processes have taken place especially in the fields of production, research and development. At present we are an integral part of important development and production projects with impacts on the world-wide business activities of Siemens. Besides this, we have successfully developed business and marketing activities under the OEZ brand.

Can you state more specific information? What all have you managed to do at OEZ?

Since last year we have been manufacturing air circuit breakers in Letohrad. About 200 people have found job opportunities in the new production area and follow-up operations. We extend the teams of our designers which are involved in the world-wide development projects of the group. We have started extensive renovation work on our production facilities just for the reason that a number of new projects will be implemented at OEZ. The extension of the production programme is also connected with our intents in the near Králíky area. This particular Czech border region has been suff ering of a high rate of unemployment and we have acquired other manufacturing facilities. At present, about eighty people work there and our aim is to triple this number.

What news can we expect in the OEZ product range this year?

We will continue to extend the overvoltage protection product range, as you can read in this Newsletter as well. We have substantially modernised also our range of DistriTon plastic distribution boards. We would also like to complement the product range of our favourite RZB steel-sheet distribution boards, forming a part of the DistriTon series as well, with a design featuring a lower number of modules. For the Modeion moulded case circuit breakers, we have prepared a new document which will facilitate order solutions for our customers.