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At the beginning of April, we began to offer you a wholly new product group of distribution cabinets – the DISTRIbox line. These are designed both for common installations and for places demanding boxes with high strength – as in applications with high current load and requiring high short-circuit resistance. There is also a special series of boxes with high seismic resistance that can be used in nuclear power plants and in seismically active regions.

DISTRIbox advantages:

  • applications up to 5000 A
  • flawless sealing
  • guarantee up to 5 years
  • outfitting with OEZ devices


Applications up to 5000 A

DISTRIbox cabinets feature high structural strength from their frames produced using a special cold-rolled section steel. Therefore, they can be used in applications requiring:

  • rated currents up to 5000 A
  • rated short-time withstand currents (Icw) of main busbars up to 110 kA for 1 s
  • rated peak short-circuit currents (Ipk) up to 240 kA


Flawless sealing

DISTRIbox cabinets with degree of protection IP54 to IP65 are made with a sealing moulded from expanded polyurethane. The sealing’s excellence is ensured by the use of a high-quality sealing compound and sophisticated technology for its application. The sealing features:

  1. shape stability (i.e. no memory effect)
  2. solid, one-piece structure
  3. absence of joints, which can be a source of problems


Guarantee up to 5 years

Considering the sophisticated technology used in applying the surface finish, we are extending the guarantee period, under certain conditions, to as long as 5 years. All openings in doors and other covers are made before surface finishing. The boxes are sprayed with a fine thermoreactive epoxy-polyester coat in RAL 7035. The coating quality is tested regularly.

DISTRIbox description:
DISTRIbox cabinets are categorised by purpose or application:

  1. side-by-side: QL, QT, QS
  2. individual: KB
  3. wall-mounted: NP

1.) QL, QT and QS side-by-side cabinets are intended for universal use. They can be used as individual boxes as well as in forming more complex units using numerous sections of various depths and interconnected by corner and transition sections and busbar bridges.


QL side-by-side boxes are intended for lighter weight devices (up to 300 kg) and have degree of protection IP54 or IP40. They feature a simple design and options for flexible layout of installed devices. The box frame is welded from 2 mm formed steel sheet and with a rigid rear cover. Its internal sides are perforated with 25 mm spacing for installing structural elements. The bottom can be equipped with sliding covers. The top is partly removable, and it has a cable flange for installing cable grommets.


QT side-by-side boxes are very sturdily constructed and are therefore intended for the heaviest of devices, such as ARION WL air circuit breakers. They have degree of protection IP55. The box frame is welded from special 2.5 mm section steel and is perforated with 25 mm spacing for internal installation of devices. Top, back and side covers are removable. The bottom can be equipped with sliding covers.

The design of QS side-by-side boxes, with increased seismic resistance, begins from the QT series. In addition, they have a reinforced frame that uses extra braces, a larger number of fastening points for covers, more anchor holes and other enhancements.

2.) KB individual cabinets are intended for rather smaller installations, and an advantage is their degree of protection IP65. The frame is welded from 2 mm formed section steel. Internal sections are perforated with 25 mm spacing for device mounting. The back cover is identical to that of the QT series. The upper and both side covers are fixed parts of the frame. The bottom cover and pedestal also are identical to those of the QT design.

In their basic versions, all side-by-side and individual boxes are equipped with 100 mm pedestals, which provide several advantages:

  • easier ordering
  • more straightforward alignment and anchoring on the site
  • safe and convenient door opening in case the floor in front of the box is uneven or at a higher level than the dielectric mat
  • easier maintenance in the lower area of the switchboard


3.) NP wall-mounted boxes are intended for wall mounting in industrial installations. They have degree of protection IP65. Both the frame and door are made of 1.5 mm steel sheet. The mounting plate is of 2 mm galvanized steel sheet. In the bottom, there are removable flanges in three sizes for the installation of cable grommets.


DISTRIbox accessories

We offer a wide range of DISTRIbox accessories. Together, these create great flexibility for laying out the switchboard inside the cabinet.

Among the most popular accessories are mounting plates (including door-mounted), rail-mounting components of various types, busbar holders, and bottom covers.