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Extension and innovation of the range of products is a continuous process

OEZ_Adamec_Radim.jpg Extension of the choice of modular devices, innovations or life under the wing of Siemens - these are some of the topics of interview with Radim Adamec, sales director of OEZ s.r.o.

You have been a part of Siemens Group for two years. How this shows itself in your business?

   If I return two years back, I must admit that not always it was an easy time. After initial enthusiasm we were quickly put back into down-to-earth reality, and besides routine tasks most of us had to cope also with integration tasks. In a relatively short time we had to integrate a lot of new activities, change some operating processes, and learn to perceive other culture. Although OEZ had about 1500 employees, we nevertheless felt like a family business, where most employees knew each other, where ownership and management structure were closely interconnected, which facilitated quick reaction to both external and internal impulses.
In the first half of 2008 the integration phase was completed, and from that time OEZ has been internally meeting basic criteria for functioning of businesses in the group. In public relations we try to save our former image, because we consider it as one of competitive advantages, and we do not want disappoint our loyal customers.

Do you collaborate with Siemens on joint projects?

   Certainly. This was one of the cardinal points of integration. Allow me to mention the greatest achievements of the last two years – start of production of moulded case circuit breakers Modeion under the Siemens trademark in record period of 4 months (via Siemens sales canals these products are sold under the designation 3VT in the whole world) and the agreement with the parent company regarding long-time extension of the range of OEZ products. Just in this newsletter the customers may learn of much news.

Could you be more specific at this moment? With which do you want to address the market in this year?

   In case of the moulded case circuit breakers Modeion we will focus on their practical applications; for instance we explain the use and selection of overcurrent releases. As for the range of fuse systems Varius I would like to mention the new cylindrical fuse-link for protection of photovoltaic panels. We also have a compact modular electronic signalling of fuse state, and we have extended the range of fuse switch-disconnectors of vertical design.
The product line of modular devices Minia has been substantially extended by residual current circuit breakers of type G including much cheaper version AC. New residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection have the characteristic G. We have also extended the range of overvoltage protections. And I must not forget also extensive software support which is continuously improved and updated by new data.