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Minia modular devices

minia.png The basis of any switchboard is modular devices - circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, increasingly used overvoltage protection devices, contactors, and the other selected devices of the Minia range.

LPE, LPN circuit breakers

From good-quality and budget priced LPE (6 kA) to high- quality LPN (10 kA), the Minia circuit breakers fulfi l by their characteristics and parameters the connection conditions of individual distribution companies. The circuit breakers meet the technical standard EN 60898-1, have a fi xed colour disk in the colour of the threaded fuses, and are indelibly laser marked.

OFE, OFI residual current circuit breakers

They provide additional protection of installation and, due to requirements for higher safety, have become part of almost any switchboard. OEZ off ers a wide range of these highly reliable products. The choice of products also include frequently ordered residual current circuit breakers of type G with 10 ms delay, which decrease the number of unwanted actuations. The residual current circuit breakers can be connected by means of the interconnecting busbar with the circuit breakers at the bottom. The residual current circuit breakers are tested twice a year.

SVBC lightning current arresters

They serve for the protection of building installations against lightning up to 100 kA, and reduce the overvoltage induced by switching processes in the network. They are equipped with power varistors, and thanks to their favourable price have become the most frequently used elements of overvoltage protection systems.

RSI installation contactors with manual control

They enable manual switching of boiler or electric heater even in time of high tariff . After termination of the blocked tariff they return to normal mode automatically, which is suitable in particular for cottages, summerhouses or other irregularly occupied buildings, but also for common installations.

MQA stair switch

With time setting from 0.5 to 10 minutes by a knob and possibility of manual switching (e.g. in cleaning), the MQA stair switch is the budget-priced solution for the control of lighting. Naturally, the Minia range of products also include more comfortable versions with more functions such as signalling before the end of timing or possibility of switching off by pressing a push-button once more.

MAP, MAR timers

The manual MAP timers are still in a favour thanks to simple setting of the required switching cycle by means of the plastic plates along the perimeter of the face. They contain a rechargeable battery, which provides for continuous run of the timer for up to 100 hours in network failure.

For most demanding users the off er includes digital timer MAR with high precision switching and possibility of interval setting by 1 minute. The timers contain a Czech menu, manage automatic change from summer to winter time and vice versa, and their continuous operation is guaranteed for 6 years. With the instructions for use, their setting is easy for any user, and if necessary it is possible to use the technical support daily, see the contact.

UMZ bell

Simple installation of the bell directly in the switchboard cabinet. The sound level of the bell is 90 dB, and so it can be heard well even in the closed switchboard.


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Technical support

Minia modular devices
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