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Modernization in the Varius fuse program

varius.png In the previous issues of the OEZ News you may have taken a note that we are optimizing the product portfolio of the Varius fuse systems. Now the changes concern the cylindrical fuse-links as well as their switch-disconnectors and disconnectors.

Cylindrical fuse-links


From autumn 2012 we will off er to our customers new types of the cylindrical fuse-links PVA10, which will replace the previously used fuse-links PV10. This is a process of gradual innovation and replacement of the original fuse-links. The parameters of the new fuse-links are identical to those of the older types.

Type of Cylindrical fuse-links

Switch-disconnectors and disconnectors of cylindrical fuse-links

The new switch-disconnectors and disconnectors of cylindrical fuse-links are principally new products. The reason for their launching is the modernization of the previously manufactured products including introduction of new production technologies and materials.

The new switch-disconnectors and disconnectors have been divided into three groups according to their purpose and load:

  1. OPVA - switch-disconnectors of HRC cylindrical fuse-links.
  2. OPVP - switch-disconnectors of cylindrical fuse-links for semiconductor protection.
  3. OPVF - disconnectors of cylindrical fuse-links, DC application.

These devices can be immediately distinguished according to the colour of the cover of the fuse device. For standard application with HRC fuselinks the colour corresponds to the colour of the cover of the device body (light grey). For devices which use cylindrical fuse-links for semiconductor protection and for the disconnectors for DC application the cover colour is dark grey.

The news for all sizes of the switch-disconnectors of HRC cylindrical fuse-links fuse-switch is the version with light signalling of the fuse-link state as part of the device with designation OPVA…-S. Each phase has a separate LED, which in case of fuse-links blowing lights red so that the operator can see the state of the fuse-link immediately.

Type designation

Attention was paid to simple and well known type designation. For this reason we have chosen the following designations:


Conversion tables



In OPVA and OPVP switch-disconnectors of cylindrical fuse-links you can use the same accessories as you used for the original disconnectors. Terminal extensions, connection block and adapters for busbar system with spacing 60 mm. The devices can be interconnected by means of interconnecting busbars which are identical for all sizes of the fuse switch-disconnectors - type S (pin).

Fuse switch-disconnectors and Fuse disconnectors