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MCR time relay

minia.png Multi-purpose time relays and timing relays are intended for switching of electric circuits after connection of control voltage or upon pressing a button. Switching is performed according to a set function which may be either monostable or astable.


Fig. 1: Time relays

Therefore not only proper installation but also proper setting of the required function is essential for appropriate operation of the application.


Fig. 2: Example of functions for MCR-MB

 Individual charts describe behaviour of the output contact. Let´s take F18 as an example. After closing of the switch the relay times the set time and consequently switches the output contact. After opening of the switch the relay again times the set time and consequently switches the output contact back to reset position.

Time relays are already represented in the current product portfolio, specifically MCR-08 and MTR-08. The new types of the devices do not only replace them but provide also some improvements:

  1. Testing functionality - one of the functions is the TEST. After setting this position by the knob the relay switches the output contact. The test function is beneficial for checking connection of the switched circuit.
  2. "Dip" switches replaced by knobs - new style of setting is more clear and easier than in the case of the old versions.
  3. Three new switching contacts - both types of the multi-purpose relays provide the design with three switching contacts which allow 3 phase switching.


Switching devices

The Minia switching devices include five groups of products: