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MIG, MIR impulse (memory) relays

minia.png The impulse (memory) relays are intended for switching of electric circuits by connecting an impulse to the device coil. The relay remembers the condition even in the case of supply failure.


Fig. 1: Impulse (memory) relay

Impulse (memory) relays are represented in the existing OEZ portfolio by MIR-16-001-A230 devices. These electronic relays allow switching of lower powers only.

Newly available are MIG mechanical impulse (memory) relays. They are comparable with installation contactors in terms of performance. Therefore, they allow switching of 20, 32 and 63 A within the category AC-1.

The dramatic increase of the switching power will be appreciated particularly within the categories AC- 5a (fluorescent lamps) and AC-5b (bulbs). The following table indicates values of the maximum rated operating current and power per each contact for the said categories.

Type AC-5a (fluor. lamps) AC-5b (bulbs)
MIG-20 6.4 A 2000 W
MIG-32 9.7 A 3500 W
MIG-63 21.6 A 7000 W

Other benefits include for example manual control from the front panel of the device, which also displays the condition of contacts, and the coil supply switch, which blocks relay switching in the off condition.


Switching devices

The Minia switching devices include five groups of products: