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MAE, MAN, MAA Timers

Timers switch output contacts based on a program set by the user.


Fig. 1: Timers MAE, MAN, MAA

We have extended our portfolio of timers by economic types and the Astro type. Three product sub-groups are defined:

  • MAN - Standard
  • MAE - Economic
  • MAA - Astro 

The standard design of MAN timers provides direct replacement for the original MAP and MAR designs according to the following key:

  • MAP-16-100-A230-MINI » MAN-A16-100-A230-MINI
  • MAP-16-001-A230 » MAN-A16-001-A230
  • MAR-16-001-A230 » MAN-D16-001-A230
  • MAR-16-002-A230 » MAN-D16-002-A230

The analogue types (MAN-A) are set using plates along the dial perimeter, the digital types (MAN-D) are set using buttons and a menu which may be switched to the 15 languages.

All designs in the MAN timers product group include internal accumulators for a backup in the case of supply failure.

Those who seek some cost saving may prefer the economic design of MAE timers. Analogue (MAE-A) timers do not include any accumulator. They cannot maintain the real time in the case of supply failure. Digital (MAE-D) timers do include an accumulator, however menu language option setting is not available and the menu is in English as a standard.

The third group of MAA timers is the Astro design. They provide the Astro function which allows switching of contacts based on calculated position of the sun determined from entered GPS coordinates. The manual lists cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including their GPS coordinates.

The user may accurately set the switch on and switch off times for the given application using several types of corrections.


Fig. 2: Time correction


Setting the time difference for switch on and off. A delay for switch on and off may be set separately.


Fig. 3: Angle correction


Setting the time difference for switch on and off by entering a correction in degrees. It provides switching at constant brightness despite different twilight time during the year.


The main benefit of timers with the Astro function is their possible application as a twilight switch. There are many different applications where we do not want to use a twilight switch with a sensor, for example for aesthetic reasons (the sensor installed on the house façade) or due to the risk of damage or theft. In addition the Astro function may be combined with standard switching based on real time. Therefore a switch off interval may be set for the night as well. The switch on and off times related to sun-rise and sun-set change daily. The switch on and off times dependent on internal time of the timer are the same every day. In addition automatic transition from summer to winter time is recommended. The device may be applied for switching of street lighting, shop-window illumination etc.

Single-channel designs of the Astro timers also provide an input terminal which may be used to initiate switching of the output contact. Rundown may be set for this controlled switching to up to 24 hours.

More detailed information about new OEZ switching devices will be soon available in Application manual which is being  prepared for you now.


Switching devices

The Minia switching devices include five groups of products: