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New Building of the OEZ Testing Laboratory

oez.png OEZ has always been a progressive firm, which is confirmed by its sixty-year-long tradition of research and development. Dozens of development experts, designers and testing engineers are currently members of international development teams of the Siemens group, in which Letohrad-based OEZ has been active since 2007.

The strong emphasis which OEZ and Siemens place on technical progress is also evidenced by the construction of the new development testing laboratory in Letohrad, whose ceremonial opening has taken place this September.

The extension of the development testing laboratory was carried out in two stages. During the first stage, which was completed in 2010, new premises for tests of medium-size or compact circuit breakers were built. The total area increased by 250 m2. The second stage was carried out during 2012 and 2013. The new additional building provides another 750 m2 of new space for the needs of the development testing laboratory. The testing laboratory extension project has been co-financed from EU Structural Funds (Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation).

Capital investments in the new parts of the OEZ testing laboratory enabled us to broaden the range of tests carried out, to verify the characteristics of instruments at extreme temperatures from -30 °C to +70 °C, the mechanical durability and high-voltage effects on the behaviour of materials. Moreover, we are now able to perform mechanical measurements on unique 3D equipment with evaluation and recording of the characteristics measured, and we have newly acquired equipment for the testing of electronic components from the viewpoint of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)”, explained Mr. Jiří Lipenský, OEZ Head of Research and Development.

The increase in the area of the development testing laboratory, which grew from the original 450 m2 by another 1000 m2, has made it possible to increase the number of testing devices and to create an appropriate working environment for the expanding team of testing engineers. “At present we are able to ensure, through our own forces, the great majority of tests for the research and development projects on which we work or cooperate”, added Jiří Lipenský.

Besides compact circuit breakers, the development testing laboratory also carries out tests and trials of air circuit breakers up to 6300 A, which have been manufactured in Letohrad since 2011 for both OEZ and Siemens brands.

More than 100 employees active in the field of research and development are currently involved in the OEZ and Siemens development projects in Letohrad, which means an increase of 60 per cent in comparison with 2006.