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New generation of steel-plastic enclosures RZA

Nové rozvodnice Distri - RZA For tens of years OEZ is a reliable choice in selection of Minia modular devices, i.e. protective and control devices for building, residential or similar installations. The DistriTon enclosures provide a suitable base for the production of distribution boards.

At present we launch a new generation of steel-plastic enclosures RZA, which will replace the original product.

Unique properties

The new RZA enclosures not only fully replace the original RZA, but with their properties and wholly new structural elements they improve the level of comfort in installation of distribution boards.

Sufficient space for conductors

The series of RZA enclosures consists of 4 sizes - one, two, three and four-row. On each row it is possible to mount up to 14 modules side by side. The biggest size, i.e. 4-row one, holds up to 56 modules, and, even fully occupied by modular devices it still offers sufficient space for inlet and outlet conductors.

Main advantages include

Comfortable wiring

Inside the enclosure, the distribution board manufacturers will find comfort place for wiring of PE and N conductors to terminal blocks, even in case of use of the interconnecting busbar in upper terminals of modular devices.

Conductor laying along the height of the base creates sufficient space on the sides of the enclosure equipped with mounts.

The spacing of individual rows increased by 10 mm, i.e. 135 mm, offers easier connection of conductors to the terminals of modular devices.

Elegant design

The front design of original RZA, popular among customers, has been preserved for the new enclosures. The sheet frame and door protrude only 7 mm from the wall, and are fully flat. The closing system is flush-mounted and covered by a lever, which serves for door unlocking and also as a handle for their opening.

Under this lever it is also possible to place a lock (accessories).

Extra equipment

RZA enclosures are completely equipped for installation of modular devices already in the basic package. The enclosures consist of several parts, which can be easily separated from each other. For instance, the distribution board manufacturer can separate the base and hand it over to the site for embedding. The other parts can be stored in a paper box and remain clean.

The basic package of RZA contains not only the enclosure components such as the base, removable frame with "U" rails, front cover, frame with the door, but also main PE and N terminal blocks, additional terminal block for connection of N conductors after the residual current circuit breaker, and blind plates. In addition, mounting anchors for walls, two water levels (front and rear) for easier installation of the base in the wall, and a reinforcement, which prevents from the base deflection in its embedding by means of a mounting foam.

Easy installation

As the basic equipment indicates, RZA enclosures as well as the installation ensure comfort:

  • the rear water level facilitates drawing of the niche on the wall
  • the front water level and mounting anchors ensure fixing of the base in the niche
  • the reinforcement does not allow contraction of sides of the base in its sealing by the mounting foam in the niche, and then protects it against building dirt
  • RZA can be fastened in plaster board walls by means of simple mounting anchors for hollow walls

Removable and self-carrying frame with U-rails has been designed for its mounting in the base in two ways:

  • as a compact frame equipped with Minia modular devices with individual interconnected rows
  • individual U-rails can be removed from the frame and installed separately

The new RZA enclosures are already sold. Contact your seller.


Brochure RZA... Steel-plastic enclosures (IP30).pdf (10MB)

Presentation RZA... Steel-plastic enclosures (IP30).ppsx

Video RZA... Steel-plastic enclosures (IP30)