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News in overvoltage protection

minia.png Following our tradition, this year the product range of OEZ overvoltage protection devices has also been extended with another, technically more advanced design. We will try to make you familiar with this solution in the following text.

Power varistor design – Type identification SVBC-…

S - lightning current and surge voltage arrester
V - main element is formed of the power varistor
BC - both the first (T1) and the second (T2) stages are implemented in one device

This solution is designed for lightning current protection stages LPL III and LPL IV. It provides a good price-to-performance ratio. It can be used in the applications connected with a lower risk of injury or material damage occurrence due to the lightning stroke. OEZ was supplying these arresters in a fixed singlepole design before launching this solution.


  • Time savings during installation – individual poles of the device are already interconnected in the base
  • Time savings during inspections – it is not necessary to disconnect inlet conductors before inspection
  • Time savings during maintenance – in the case of necessity we will exchange the replaceable module only

Novinky v přepěťových ochranách Novinky v přepěťových ochranách Novinky v přepěťových ochranách Novinky v přepěťových ochranách

The type identification remains similar.

The first and second protection stages are theoretically sufficient for the applications where no electronic devices are used. Such a case is, however, rather an exception at present. Mostly it is necessary to protect especially sensitive devices from overvoltage. In these cases it is necessary to complete the system with the third protection stage T3. The third stage must be placed as near the protected equipment as possible. The voltage induced on long conductors (longer than 10 m) between the last protection and the protected equipment can achieve a value which may completely destroy the equipment.

Overvoltage protections Minia

The OEZ product range includes two designs of the overvoltage protections of the T3 type with installation on the “U” rail. In some cases, however, the secondary switchboard is not “near enough” and it is necessary to protect the equipment in another way. An ideal place is a low-voltage socket which is in the nearest place to the end device, within the framework of a fixed electrical installation.

SVD Surge voltage arresters

Novinky v přepěťových ochranách

Most current designs of overvoltage protections for a mounting box require completion of installation with another mounting box. The fact is that it is almost impossible to add an overvoltage protection to an existing socket and to connect it in accordance with regulations with the help of corresponding terminals. OEZ comes with a revolutionary design which can be installed, thanks to its advantages, in an already existing socket (or corresponding mounting box).

SVD Surge voltage arresters - type 3

The new design is not installed under the socket but directly on sides of the mounting box. It can even be installed also in shallow mounting boxes together with the socket.

In the case of a through-pass connection of a socket, use the branch which is already prepared on conductors. It is therefore not necessary to use any special terminals for connection of multiple conductors.

The device is equipped with an acoustic system signalling a malfunction of the protection. It is possible to interrupt the signalling system by pulling the disconnection strip out.

New surge voltage arrester “D” into a mounting box to the socket

  • Protection stage T3
  • For installation into a mounting box to the socket
  • For complete solutions of protection of devices
  • Acoustic signalling system in the case of a failure


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