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The jubilee 100,000th air circuit breaker has left OEZ

oez.png In the first half of October 2012, the 100,000th air circuit breaker has left OEZ. These devices are under the "Sentron" and "Arion" brands for distribution to networks all around the world. This jubilee device is for a Siemens client in Santiago, Chile.

Every device is original

Every aerial circuit breaker is a specific product. These devices are not manufactured for stock but only on the basis of a precise order specification. These are sophisticated devices, based on a high level of technology and production organization. The engineering design of air circuit breakers makes it possible to manufacture up to 1024 24 configurations of the devices.

In Letohrad, the production of air circuit breakers is ensured by approx. 150 workers in predominantly two shifts. Two thirds of them are assembly workers and one third a staff of production control, quality, controlling, logistics and other departments.

The devices are dispatched to customers immediately and directly. In Europe, they are usually distributed by trucks and to more distant destinations they proceed either from Munich airport or to the port of Hamburg.,“ explained Jan Keprt, the manager of air circuit breaker production. Letohrad's products perform their protective functions in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, the South African Republic, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, the United States, Russia and other tens of countries including the whole of Europe.

"Know-how" is the goal

Within the Siemens Group, we are the only manufacturer of the air circuit breakers in Europe. Our goal is that in the future, OEZ is not only the manufacturer of these devices, but also the holder of development know-how,“ added managing director of OEZ s.r.o., Roman Schiffer.

Air circuit breakers are designed for the protection and less frequent switching of electrical equipment up to 6300 A. Thanks to their robust design, they can manage high power outputs. They are equipped with a number of blocking devices for their protection against unauthorized handling as well as for the protection of operation and maintenance personnel. The circuit breakers have a wide selection of overcurrent releases and accessories. That is why they can be used in complex plants in the industrial or energy sectors.

OEZ's portfolio includes a wide range of other devices for protection of low-voltage circuits and devices which are currently manufactured in Letohrad, Žamberk, and, starting from last year, also in Králíky. This assortment includes modular devices, moulded case circuit breakers, fuse systems or distribution boards and switchboard cabinets.

OEZ's workers play an important role in the Siemens' global development projects today. In this connection, an extension of the development laboratory for total investment of 1.2 million EUR was started in the summer of this year.