Fuse switch-disconnectors and fuse disconnectors for cylindrical fuses

Fuse switch-disconnectors for cylindrical fuse-links


OPV fuse switch-disconnectors are intended for PV10, 14 and 22 cylindrical fuse-links. They are intended for safely switching on and off rated currents and overcurrents up to 1.5 times the rated current. Fuse switch-disconnectors can be sealed in closed position and additionally fitted with light indication of fuse-links operation.


Fuse switch-disconnectors OPT22, possibly OPT20, are intended for cylindrical fuse-links size 22 x 127 (PT22), possibly 20 x 127, which are suitable for protection of d.c. circuits up to 1000 V d.c. and of a.c. circuits 1500 V a.c., e.g. for circuits of trolleybuses and trams.