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HRC fuse-links

Fuses with blade contacts


Fuse-links with blade contacts


Fuse-links with blade contactsFuse-links with blade contacts of PLN, PN, PHN, NH series feature above all high breaking capacity, high cut-off characteristic and low values of overvoltage during fuse-link action. They are suitable for application in fuse-bases and fuse-switch disconnectors. Fuse-links do not contain hazardous substances according to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) (cadmium, lead and others).
They are manufactured in utilization categories:

  • gG for protection of lines, cables and other equipment against overload and short circuits
  • gTr for protection of distribution transformers on secondary side
  • aM for protection of motors, overcurrent relays, contactors and similar devices only against short circuits




Fuse-bases are intended for fuse-links with blade contacts sizes 000, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The fusebases’ supporting parts are made from glass-reinforced moulding material (SPB type) or zincchromated steel sheet and with steatite contact carriers (SPF type).


Neutral terminal bridges


Neutral terminal bridges are intended for interconnection of N, PE and PEN conductors, especially in three-phase circuits. They also can be used for branching of N and PE conductors with smaller cross-sections.


V-shaped clamps and their covers, Transitional terminals


V-shaped clamps are intended for connecting conductors to terminals of types “V“ and “W“. This allows for connecting without cable lugs and mechanical adjustment of the conductor. They are easy to mount.


Replacement handles


Replacement handles are used for handling fuse-links under voltage but without current in both single and three-pole fuse-bases.