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Our brand represents a company with over 80 years of tradition in the development and production of low-voltage breaking devices. OEZ is a complex supplier of products and services in the field of the low-voltage electrical circuits. Owing to more than 15 years of partnership with the Siemens company represents currently one of the most modern production plants in the Czech Republic. OEZ company is a holder of the title "Safe Enterprise" and for the third time in a row defended the award "Health Promoting Enterprise". From the energy management point of view our society-wide responsibility is clearly demonstrated by the involvement into the global project EEP (Energy efficiency program). We are active in a protection of the environment and we continually undertake additional new measures and projects in the field of energy savings. OEZ ranks among the most modern production facilities in the Czech Republic thanks to the gradual introduction of Industry 4.0, a system representing the fourth stage of industrial revolution characterized by digitalization of our production technology.


And how does OEZ 4.0 actually work? Practically each operation performed at OEZ workplaces is controlled and checked by computers. Work operations usually start with the scanning of a bar code that is currently printed on each important subassembly and also on the final product. Unique information contained in the code accurately describes what should be done with the item. The computer uses the code to evaluate not only the next operation to be performed and which parts should be used but it also verifies completeness of previous operations, it checks their successful finalization and it records all new useful data into a central database. All historical data about the product are then kept in the database throughout the product´s lifetime, i.e. the information when and under which conditions the product was manufactured. Such data then serve as a key source of information not only to deal with potential complaints but particularly for statistical analysis of production processes and their efficiency. Moreover, results of such analyses may be also used for further improvement of the production processes.

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Consequently, the production in OEZ is one generation ahead of many our competitors as we are able to manufacture in series different versions of devices, or even different devices, on the same line at the same time and without disrupting a smooth flow of the production or quality of the products. This moves us further towards the needs of our customers and also contributes to the continually increasing demand for OEZ products and services. To put is simply, you will find the OEZ brand in all applications where safety, quality, and user comfort are of critical importance.