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Power monitoring device

The multifunction power monitoring device is designed for monitoring electrical parameters of three-phase and single-phase LV networks. The device design is based on a 16-bit microprocessor that ensures accurate measurings with 25.6 kHz (for 50 Hz) or 30.72 kHz (for 60 Hz) sampling. According to EN 61000-4-30, voltages and currents are measured continuously over each period and in all phases. The values on the display are updated every second.

The max. and min. values of the measured quantities are stored. The selected quantities are stored
with a minimum recording period of 1 s for the PAQ-12-… device design with the internal FLASH memory of 1 GB.
Power monitoring device can also be equipped with data communication with Modbus RTU or PROFIBUS protocol.
It is also possible to select design with relay outputs and digital inputs/outputs. As standard, we supply
power monitoring device for mounting on the switchboard door, but it is also possible to order design on "U" rail.