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OEZ_Company_letecky_pohled.jpgOEZ has been serving the electrical equipment market for nearly 70 years. The company´s development accelerated considerably after 1994 when it passed into the private ownership of six Czech citizens. Since then the production program of the company was thoroughly innovated and expanded. Today, the letters OEZ denote a brand that guarantees a comprehensive offer of quality products and services in the field of electrical circuit protection and low-voltage devices. The product range has earned recognition in design and innovation competitions, as well as honours at international trade shows. OEZ current product portfolio includes nearly the entire area of low-voltage protective equipment.

OEZ has its own manufacturing and development capacities and co-operates closely with research institutes and the university sector. With its about 1,800 workers, OEZ is an important employer in the Orlicko region.


It is the market leader in the Czech Republic and one of the leading companies in the electro-technical field in the Central Europe.

In all of its activities, OEZ upholds high ethical standards of corporate behavior with regard to its customers, business partners, employees, competitors, state institutions, the media and the general public. That involves also an active approach to the environmental protection.

Former manufactured devices

Modular devices Minia

Modular devices Minia are protection, switching and similar devices for installation in electric switchboards. These are especially circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers and other devices. All devices are for installation on mounting rails with profile „U“ width 35 mm according to EN 60715. Their main uses are in residential and office building installations, but they also can be used for industrial installations.

Modular devices Minia

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