Software support


Computational program Sichr

Computational program Sichr enables designing and check of line networks TN-C , TN-C-S and IT networks at all usual low-voltage levels. It contains database of protection and switching devices, residual current breakers and surge voltage arresters of OEZ production and open database of transformers and power cables.


Configurator OEZ

Configurator OEZ is a software support for easy choice of devices including their accessories. The program checks the selected components and permits only correct combinations. The output is a list of components for assembling the order.



In this section, you will find CAD/CAE systems support.


Power monitoring device

The multifunction power monitoring device is designed for monitoring electrical parameters of three-phase and single-phase LV networks. The device design is based on a 16-bit microprocessor that ensures accurate measurings with 25.6 kHz (for 50 Hz) or 30.72 kHz (for 60 Hz) sampling. According to EN 61000-4-30, voltages and currents are measured continuously over each period and in all phases. The values on the display are updated every second.